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Working towards Net Zero emissions and reduced congestion in our cities by transitioning urban logistics to LEV's and EV's.  


Traditional last-mile delivery produces 4.5 megatons of CO2 emissions globally

The logistics industry produces up to 40% of all CO2 emissions with last mile delivery accounting for 85% 

A 20-35% increase in our congested cities due to changes in urban dynamics and population growth.  


The primary goal of the pilot program is to assess the feasibility and benefits of implementing cargo e-bike delivery services in Sydney, paving the way for positive legislation and investment into sustainable last mile delivery solutions.


Over an initial three month month window, the pilot will allow us to gather valuable data and assess the program's impact within a 5km radius of the CBD.

up to 50% 
Decrease in delivery times

up to 95% 
Reduction in C02 emissions

up to 30% 
Cost savings per delivery compared to traditional vehicles.

over 75%
Of businesses continued to use cargo e-bikes after the pilot

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